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Septic Tank Pumping & Service

Atlanta Wastewater Solutions Septic Tank Pumping & Service
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Septic Tank Pumping & Service

A standard septic system processes many thousands of gallons of water per month (look at your water bill). Your tank is 1,000-1,500 Gallons. The size if the tank is determined by the number of bedrooms and if there is a garbage disposal.
Where does all the water go? Your tank separates the solid waste from the liquids (urine, shower water, etc) and sends the liquids to the drain field.
The drain field soaks liquids into the soil for dispersal, where natural bacteria consumes any remaining waste, and clean water goes further down into the soil.

The State of Georgia recommends having your septic tank pumped out and cleaned every 3-5 years. Staying on top of the maintenance of your septic tank is just as important as changing the oil in your vehicle. Although it is very common for a septic system to be used for an extensive amount of time, it will go that much further with proper maintenance.

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"Atlanta Wastewater came out and quickly diagnosed my sewer blockage, cleared it, and got our complex back to operating quickly and reasonably!"


"Our sewage pump failed at our store at night, they showed up immediately, and fixed it faster than the other companies we called could even come out for a quote!"

Ashley Christine

"We called several contractors to look at our building, AWS was the most reasonably priced, and saved us thousands, without hassle"

Eric Levstik

"Our Lift Station failed, which we noticed by the alarm. It was almost completely full, and within another couple days, it would have been backing sewage up into our building. AWS came out and immediately pumped it down, replaced the control board that had failed, and was very clean and professional. Very happy!"

Mark Wolf

"My Water Line developed a leak after our moving company drove over it with a truck. They quickly came out and replaced my water line to the home, and had us back in service within just a couple hours! Back to taking hot showers! Thank you!"


"Quick, professional, affordable, and took care of my landscaping with extra attention to minimize impact of the repair! Very happy!"

James R

"Our property management group uses these guys as our go-to for commercial buildings when we have a sewer failure. They are always the lowest bid, and still do awesome work."

Craig L