Lift Stations

Lift Station Repairs And Installation

As Atlanta’s most trusted commercial sewer repair specialists, we offer lift station pump repairs and sewer pump station solutions. Our team of specialists are fully trained and certified as well as being highly experienced when it comes to lift stations and wastewater management. We offer emergency lift station repairs at any time of the day! 

For immediate response call: 678-303-6154

Lift Station Malfunction

Lift stations are used to effectively pump wastewater when gravity flow can not be maintained. You may have heard people refer to lift stations as sewer pump stations,  sewage ejectors, or grinder pumps. Typically, there are two pumps in a lift station and a control panel will engage one pump at a time and will alternate on each cycle. But like any piece of machinery or equipment, lift stations can break down or malfunction and this means calling out a professional lift-station installation/repair crew. At Atlanta Wastewater, we can help repair, or replace your failing lift station 24/7.

Usually, you’ll be alerted to a problem with a lift station by the control panel which is fitted with an audio and visual alarm. If there is an issue with a sewer pump station, it will sound and illuminate. When this happens, you must contact our experts as soon as possible. Failing to seek professional help in the event of a lift station pump failure can lead to a significant amount of sewage backing up into residential or commercial properties.